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Scholar Profile of Jacob Tobia (NC, ’13)

 Please learn more about Jacob in the following interview by fellow Truman Scholar, Tyler Hatch: Growing up in North Carolina, it was often difficult to envision a future for myself in public service. I had the passion and drive to serve others, but when I looked at who represented North Carolinians at a local, state, and […]

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Meet Jacob Tobia: Your Friendly All-American Boy Next Door In Heels (By Tyler Hatch)

 Also read about Jacob in the following Scholar profile. Jacob Tobia recently took the internet by storm with a powerful op-ed in which gender identity and expression, feminism, masculinity, and professionalism all come together in the perfect storm to express Jacob’s quest to navigate the office space as a gender queer individual. I was able to sit down […]

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Walter Fortson (NJ ’12)

Walter Fortson, 2012  Those sobering words, “You know your life is over,” reverberated like giant percussion cymbals in his ears.  The police officer put his firearm back in its holster after holding it at Walter’s head. He removed the handcuffs from the case on his gun belt.  The cold carbon steel pinched Walter’s flesh as […]

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Dena Simmons, 2004

Dena Simmons (CT ’04) If I were to ask you to list the top five individuals in your life who have influenced you the most, I’m certain that a large percentage of you would name at least one teacher.  And I bet you’d have a ready example of why that is so.  I think it’s […]

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Know Your Scholars: Wendi Adelson 2000 Florida

  “Human Trafficking” is a term most of us are familiar with.  Yet, the realities of its meaning are held at a safe distance – like a tenable mystery we’re not all that eager to explore with our magnifying glass.  Even those who consider themselves well read and up to speed on current events would […]

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Know Your Scholars: Forrest Dunbar – Alaska 2005

   Forrest Dunbar – Alaska 2005 Most of us imagine Alaska in striking reflections of majestic mountains cast in the glass-like plane of crystal clear water, with a panoramic view of raw nature in her most gloriously pristine form, unfettered and seemingly holding a perpetual state of refreshing newness that invigorates our pioneering spirits.  As […]

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TSA 2013 National Conference Recap

Over two-hundred Truman Scholars registered this year for the sold out Truman Scholars Association’s national conference in Washington, D.C. that took place from Thursday, July 18th to Sunday, July 21st. Since 2009, TSA has held the national conference every other year and has continued to successfully bring Truman Scholars together to reconnect, discuss the important […]

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