McCauley: Truman Scholars embrace special US-UK relationship at “Satellite Reunion”

Truman Scholars from 1996 to 2009 classes gathered in London on May 22, 2010 to kick off the coming Truman Scholars Reunion Weekend festivities with an overseas “satellite” get-together.  In the days preceding the official Truman Scholars Reunion in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Truman Scholars Leadership Week (TSLW) in Missouri, Scholars studying and working throughout the United Kingdom met on the sunniest day London has seen in a while to explore the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. 

At the Cabinet War Rooms, an historic underground complex that housed a British government command center throughout WWII, the Churchill Museum’s Director of Learning Simon Thomson discussed Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s and President Harry Truman’s lives and leadership styles.  As tourists walked by, we sat behind the museum glass in the Chiefs of Staffs’ Conference Room, where Churchill’s military subordinates deliberated their most critical wartime decisions.  

From Westminster, we proceeded to East London’s Old Truman Brewery, formerly the Black Eagle brewery complex and now one of London’s hubs of creativity, energy, community and economic development.  Truman Scholars – and honorary Trumans alike – enjoyed soaking up the sun and paying homage to Uncle Harry less formally over lunch and drinks.

The Scholars in attendance included: Brian Babcock-Lumish (MD ’01), Terry Babcock-Lumish (PA ’96), Alex Dewar (OR ’05), Becky McCauley (WV ’06), Alex Merkovic-Orenstein (FL ’09), Monica Mukerjee (MI ’07), Trudy Rebert (PA ’06), Andrew Sellers (CO ’04), and Miles Taylor (IN ’09). Many thanks to Terry (PA ’96) and Brian (MD ’01) Babcock-Lumish for organizing this fantastic event!

Becky McCauley (WV-06), currently a Ph.D. candidate in Geosciences and Astrobiology at The Pennsylvania State University and conveniently in Coventry for two weeks to conduct research. 

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