Scholars Take High Score in Mini-Golf Tournament

On the evening of July 21, after years of strenuous training, five Seattle-area Truman Scholars took on 22 other teams in a grueling 24-hole mini-golf tournament.  The tournament was a fundraiser for Treehouse, a Seattle organization focused on supporting foster children.  Though no official results have been seen, rumors abound that the Trumans were the highest-scoring team in history.  (Team members hope that no one remembers that high scores are not desirable in golf…)  Captain Bradley Bowen (MT ’04) fearlessly led David Rubenstein (OR ’06), Kristin Kan (TX ’04), Allison Rank (OH ’03), and Michele Buckley (CO ’06) through the twists and turns of the course.  The MVP award, however, goes to Kristin, who knocked in the team’s only hole-in-one.  

Everyone in Seattle is already looking forward to future fun, community-focused activities!



David Rubenstein (OR ’06), Bradley Bowen (MT ’04), Michele Buckley (CO ’06), Kristin Kan (TX ’04), and Allison Rank (OH ’03).



The team getting ready for one of the challenges.

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