UK Scholars Gather at Old Truman Brewery

Welcoming those new to the United Kingdom and reconnecting with old friends, Truman Scholars gathered in London on October 9th, 2010.  Hosted by Brian (MD ’01) and Terry Babcock-Lumish (PA ’96) and Alex Dewar (OR ’05), Scholars gathered at the Old Truman Brewery – any HST image will do! – and viewed Plan UK and Shoot Experience’s Shoot Nations 2010 youth photography exhibit. After taking in many captivating images, Trumans gathered for drinks and a meal just off the Shoreditch High Street. 

As they return to the states, the energy and dedication of Brian and Terry in keeping the UK Truman community active and engaged will certainly missed!



Gabe Amo (RI ’09), Brian Babcock-Lumish (MD ’01), Terry Babcock-Lumish (PA ’96), David Bauer (NY ’08), Mike Campbell (NJ ’09), Alex Dewar (OR ’05), Rey Fuentes (WY ’09), Don Gomez (NY ’09), Zak Kaufman (WI ’07), Scott Moore (KY ’07), Kelly Storrs (VA ’08)

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