Foundation Requests Senior Scholar Nominations, Applications

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation requests nominations and applications for positions as Senior Scholars at TSLW 2010.


Senior Scholars are required to attend the entire Truman Scholars Leadership Week (May 24 through May 30, 2010) and make themselves available to the new Trumans in both formal and informal capacities.  Senior Scholars serve as role models for the recently selected Scholars and introduce them to new and different ways of service. Senior Scholars conduct presentations on a variety of topics during TSLW – both personal and professional. Senior Scholars work with a small group of new Trumans on a policy topic with which the Senior Scholar has some expertise, and help the Scholars to understand the complexities of issues and the contributions all political ideologies can offer to the search for solutions.


Senior Scholars should have completed a graduate school program at least one year prior to TSLW (exceptions may be made for students currently in medical residency or finishing PhD programs). Seniors should currently be working in public service and be able to commit to the entire week.  Senior Scholars can come from any discipline – as the best cohort is one that has a mix of disciplines represented.


Nominations and applications should detail the candidate’s educational, professional and personal experiences that the candidate feels would be appropriate to share with the Scholars. These materials also should explain why the candidate would be a good Senior Scholar and whether the candidate has any prior experience in either a teaching or counseling environment.


Please email this information to Fred Slabach ( no later than February 15, 2010. We will consider nominations and applications as they arrive.





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