Lifting the Curtain on the Truman Finalist Selection Process

Many Truman Scholars, nominees, and friends of Scholars may wonder what exactly happens during the Truman Scholarship Finalist Selection Process. This year, Doug Cutchins, Director of Social Commitment at Grinnell University, is writing a short-term blog about his experience participating on the Finalist Selection Committee (FSC).

Below is an excerpt from Reading Harry

My goal with this blog is twofold: 1) to “lift the curtain” on the reading process that goes into the Truman FSC, letting everyone see what it looks like when the FSC meets, what the committee’s procedures are, and how Truman goes about winnowing the approximately 600 applications to name about 200 finalists, and 2) to share what I learn about the Truman Scholarship from the perspective of a scholarship advisor that will help me advise my own candidates in the future.

What I won’t be doing, obviously, is discussing anything specific about candidates, or giving away details that could be tied to any one applicant. I’ll stick to generalities about how the process is going and what I am learning in the big picture.

Go ahead – take a peak behind the curtain!

Read more at Reading Harry.

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