Announcement from Executive Secretary Fred Slabach (MS ’77)


Dear Truman Scholars,

It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that I will leave the position of Executive Secretary of the Truman Foundation in the new year.  I have accepted appointment as the 19th President of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth. You may recall that I served as dean of the law school there prior to joining the Truman Foundation staff. 

Melany and I are very excited about returning to Fort Worth and I am happy to be more directly involved again in higher education administration.  But, I will miss the day-to-day involvement with all of you.

Secretary Albright informed the Foundation Trustees today at the Annual Board meeting.  She recommended to the Board that I be elected Treasurer of the Foundation to continue working on financial issues in a formal capacity.  The Board approved her recommendation and I have accepted this position.

Secretary Albright will announce in the near future a selection process to identify my successor.  In the interim, I will continue to work closely with the Foundation’s wonderful and dedicated staff to make sure we are able to continue our essential mission of identifying and supporting public service leaders.

I look forward to continued involvement with the Truman Scholar community!

Fred Slabach (MS ’77)

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