Slabach: Farewell Message


Dear Fellow Truman Scholars,

I would like to thank all of you for the outpouring of good
wishes I have received from Truman Scholars since I announced my return to Fort Worth as the 19th
President at Texas
Wesleyan University.
The common thread of the messages I received was that the Truman Scholarship
and the Truman Community have changed lives for the better, an experience I
shared — as a 1977 Scholar, Senior Scholar at Truman Scholars Leadership Week,
Finalist Selection Committee member, interview panelist, member of the
Foundation Board, and Executive Secretary. The Truman Foundation’s profound
effect on young people and on public service will continue into the
future.  And I am confident we will
continue to see new scholars rise in the ranks of distinguished public

Although I will certainly miss the regular interactions I
had with Scholars in my role as Executive Secretary, I am very pleased that the
Foundation’s Board has asked me to remain involved in a formal way as
Foundation Treasurer. In this role I will remain very engaged in setting the
future direction of the Foundation, both in terms of financial strength and of
the Foundation’s increased involvement with the Truman Scholars Association and
the Truman Community.

The Truman Foundation plays a significant role in
identifying and preparing young people to become tomorrow’s public service
leaders. This work would not be possible without the time and energy so many
members of the community contribute on a daily basis to support the Foundation
and TSA. I am thankful to have
been a part of this work for so many years, and look forward to continuing this
involvement in a formal role.  And I look
forward to staying in touch with the many Scholars I have been privileged to
meet over the years.


Fred Slabach (MS ’77)
Executive Secretary
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

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