Help Us Find These Class of 1990 Scholars

lookingHelp us find the “Lost Truman Scholars”! It probably comes as no surprise to you that many Scholars have moved and changed jobs and schools multiple times since winning the Scholarship, and unfortunately, we haven’t always been able to keep up with them. Our goal is to have all Scholars log into the Truman Foundation’s Truman Scholars Network at to update their contact information and biographies.

This month, we’d like your help in identifying these Scholars from the Class of 2000. If you have current information for these Scholars, please direct them to this link or fill the information in yourself, and we’ll follow up:

Stephen Anderson, Jr. (TX ’90)
Jennifer Butts (DC ’90)
Michael Cain (RI ’90)
Scott Christofferson (VA ’90)
William Dohrmann(IA ’90)
Susan Ellison (NH ’90)
Joshua Engroff (VT ’90)
Randall Frykberg (NE ’90)
Sara Fugleberg (ND ’90)
James Garcia (CA ’90)
Irmarilis Gonzalez Torres (PR ’90)
Charles Hare (WV ’90)
Elizabeth Harmer (UT ’90)
Brodie Hefner (MI ’90)
Danjiel Hemmer (MI ’90)
Brian Hughes (SD ’90)
Robert James (GA ’90)
Margaret Jones (CA ’90)
Linda Kaneshiro (HI ’90)
Elizabeth King (NV ’90)
Natalie Knight (AZ ’90)
Daniel Labovitz (PA ’90)
Erik Lindseth (WI ’90)
Megan Ludwig (MT ’90)
Manuel Machado (FL ’90)
Michael Martin (ID ’90)
Colin Moran (NC ’90)
Shannon Nunnelee (MS ’90)
Jeremy Pittman (FL ’90)
Amy Powers (GA ’90)
Paul Presler (KY ’90)
Johanna Reed (MN ’90)
Jesse San Nicolas (GU ’90)
Margaret Simonian (AK ’90)
Christopher Sipe (DE ’90)
Laurie Skillie (AL ’90)
Charles Smith, III (WA ’90)
Kurt Stovink (CA ’90)
Eileen Sullivan (OH ’90)
Martina Tkadlec (TX ’90)
Sue Wallis (WY ’90)
U. Christopher Walls (TN ’90)
Carolyn Weiss (MD ’90)
Edwin West (NC ’90)
Kimberly West (NC ’90)
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