Truman Sightseeing in DC


by Matthew Garza (CA ’09)

There are countless maps and tourist guides for Washington, DC, a hodgepodge of monument circuits and invitations to ride a double decker bus. But as we prepare for the 2011 National Conference, we thought it fitting that the Scholar community have its own handbook for this historic city. Our namesake president had a remarkable tenure here, and so today we are excited to announce the Truman Scholars’ Guide to Washington, DC. After consulting with history books and the Truman Library staff in Missouri, we have compiled a series of locations in the city where you can visit landmarks relevant to the 33rd president.

Some sites include:

  • Blair House – During the second term of the presidency of Harry Truman, the White House was found to have serious structural faults and was completely gutted and renovated. While the White House was undergoing renovation, the President resided at Blair House.
  • The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel – President Truman stayed here for the first 90 days of his presidency, and this is the location where he announced he would run for a second term.
  • The National Guard Armory Building – Truman’s inaugural ball occurred here.
  • The Omni-Shoreham Hotel (site of our conference) – To celebrate the inauguration of our 33rd President, The Democratic National Committee held a reception for Harry S. Truman here on January 21, 1949. 

If you get a chance to visit these sites, we would love to see some pictures we can share. So be sure to send those memories our way.

For the entire map, check out the Truman DC Sightseeing Map.

Matthew Garza (CA ’09) is a research assistant at the Brookings Institution.

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