TSA Board Works on Strategic Plan

BoroughsThe TSA Board of Directors
met in person in Washington, D.C. from October 15th-17th,
2010.  This group of 11 volunteer TSA
leaders dedicated almost 15 hours to working on a strategic plan for the TSA,
but also took time to get to know each other, tour a possible venue for the
2011 National Conference, and establish priorities for the 2010-2011 year. 

Board will seek input from all Truman Scholars during the year and then present
a full strategic plan to the Truman Scholar community at the 2011 National
Conference.  (If you’d like to contribute
ideas to TSA’s strategic plan, look for ways to do so in TSA’s November
newsletter.)  In the meantime, here are a
couple of highlights from the TSA Board’s strategic planning session. 

Over the
next five years, the TSA Board’s priorities are to:

  • Increase Scholar involvement
    in the TSA community
  • Improve TSA Board governance
    and infrastructure
  • Increase TSA funds, and
  • Increase awareness and
    prominence of the Truman Scholarship.

2010-2011 specifically, the TSA Board set goals that include:

  • Increase the number of
    Scholars for which we have accurate contact information
  • Hold a successful 2011
    National Conference, and
  • Create a 5-year strategic
    plan for TSA.

Help us achieve our first goal by updating your contact info in
the Scholar database.  For instructions
on how to do this, see the related blog post, “Update Your Contact Info in the Truman Scholar Database.” If you’d like to
help us locate lost Scholars, please email us at tsa@trumanscholars.org

As always,
we value your input and feedback as we work to improve TSA.  Feel free to email us at tsa@trumanscholars.org any time!

Adair Ford Boroughs (SC ’01) is the President of the TSA
Board of Directors.

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