An Introduction from Dr. Andrew Rich

Andrew RichDr. Andrew Rich (CT ’91) has been named the new Executive Secretary of the Harry S. Trumsn Scholarship Foundation. He spoke at the TSA National Conference in July, and here he offers another introduction to the community. He can be reached at
It has been twenty years since I received a Truman Scholarship, but I can still remember the excitement of the news. It caused a brief stir of attention for me on campus. My parents were proud, and it paid for a nice chunk of graduate school.  With that moment now a distant memory, I realize that the most important privilege afforded by the scholarship was membership in a unique community of like-minded people. We are a community rich in diversity – from wide-ranging backgrounds with a myriad of passions. But we are united by our commitment to public service and our belief in it.

As I become as Executive Secretary of the Truman Foundation, I look forward to getting to know many of you better and to building on the Foundation’s strengths in identifying and supporting the ‘best and the brightest’ as they begin careers in public service. I also look forward to working closely with the Truman Scholars Association, which has become a tremendous resource – and an unparalleled way to stay in touch – for all of us in the Truman community.

Looking back on my experience as a Truman Scholar, I am struck by what the friendships formed with other Truman Scholars have meant to my personal and professional development, in good times and bad.  There have been long periods when I haven’t been in touch with the Foundation and other times when my volunteer service with the Foundation has seemed like a part-time job. But I feel fortunate that other Truman Scholars have always remained a part of my network of friends. I have met many new ones along the way, usually by chance, where neither of us realized the other received the scholarship until well into the friendship. It is a terrific community of people.

The Truman Scholars Association makes our ability to stay in touch with one another and support each other in our lives of public service far easier. The recent national conference was a tremendous demonstration of TSA’s importance, and I offer my congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped to pull it together.

The challenges facing the United States make our job at the Truman Foundation as important as ever. We need talented, bright, committed people from all backgrounds to pursue the calling of public service. I look forward to working with many of you to achieve that goal in the years ahead.


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