An Update from the TSA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Truman Scholars Association held its annual in-person meeting in November 2011 in Washington DC.  The in-person meeting is an invaluable tool for the geographically diverse board, as it allows directors to meet face-to-face and spend a weekend dedicated solely to TSA issues.  The primary goal of this meeting was to facilitate work on the Board’s target projects, including continuing to integrate lost scholars into the Truman community; broadening and deepening community engagement through the TSA newsletter, social media, and other resources; building on past programming success to meet the Truman Scholar community’s ever-changing needs; and bolstering board governance to incorporate best practices and strengthen the board’s performance.  To work toward these ends, the Board split into three committees, each with a specific purview:  the Programming Committee, the Outreach and Technology Committee, and the Finance and Development Committee.

Each committee has been working diligently since the in-person meeting.  The Programming Committee has introduced two new volunteer programs, Regional Captains and Class Co-Chairs, to the TSA community; is organizing a National Day of Service for Spring 2012; is laying the groundwork for a series of class reunions; is in the early stages of planning for the 2013 national conference; and in March will be hosting the pre-interview dinners for all of the Truman finalists.  The Outreach and Technology Committee has been working on upgrading the TSA website, obtaining contact information for the many “lost” scholars, and is coordinating with the Truman Foundation to upgrade the current contact database.  Each of these projects will improve TSA’s networking and communication capabilities.  Finally, the Finance and Development Committee has been working on implementing an organizational analysis in anticipation of a more formal organizational audit next year, is developing and implementing a more regular fundraising system, and of course is preparing financial statements and tax returns.  Together, the three committees are working to create a TSA that acts as a social and professional resource to scholars, as well as an advocate for public service.

The Board of Directors is currently comprised of Jonathan Evans (PA ’03) and Michele Buckley (CO ’06), Co-Presidents; Preston Lee (DC ’81), Treasurer; Dara Purvis (CA ’02), Secretary; Pat Gilbert (AZ ’91), Chair of Finance and Development; Kyle Gracey (PA ’05), Chair of Outreach and Technology; Katie Liberman (MA ’06), Chair of Programming; Russ Dallen (MS ’83); Robert Eisinger (NY ’85); Elizabeth Hill (FL ’96); Jessica Sotelo (ID ’00); and Adair Ford Boroughs (SC ’01), Immediate Past President.  You can find more information on TSA and its Board at, or contact them at

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