Announcing the TSA Strategic Plan

Dear Scholars,

As the Truman Scholars Association closes its 2010-2011 year, I wanted to share with you our 5-year strategic plan that the board has been working on all year.  Those of you that attended the 2011 National Conference have seen it, but to the rest of the community, keep reading.

Starting with a two-day in-person meeting in October, the board spent significant time developing a 5-year strategic plan for the organization.  This plan draws from where we have been as a community and guides us as we continue to grow and evolve.  I would like to thank former TSA board members, former Foundation Executive Secretary Fred Slabach (MS ’77), and Scholars in the community at large who put a great deal of thought into TSA as an organization.  Your comments, encouragement and vision contributed greatly to the final plan this board put to paper.  To this year’s board, thank you for taking on such a huge project on top of the National Conference.

TSA also started on some of its 5-year goals, including the Lost Scholars Project, TSA’s initiative to obtain updated contact information on all Scholars.  This year we updated contact information for over 100 Scholars in the Truman Scholars Database.  Thanks to Jane Rock Constanza (WY ’91) who helped with the project and to all of those of you who submitted updated contact information for Scholars on our website. 

TSA is an all-volunteer organization, and I am humbled by the commitment, passion and work that so many of you put into it.  We’ve done a lot this year as a community, and I’m proud to have been a part if it.  I hope this strategic plan will serve future boards well, and that you all will get involved with TSA at whatever level you can, be it the board, committees or small projects.


Adair Ford Boroughs (SC ’01)


Truman Scholars Association


TSA Strategic Plan

Vision Statement: The Truman Scholars Association is a robust community of passionate and talented leaders who support each other as we serve and inspire a world in need.

Mission Statement: Empowering Truman Scholars. Promoting public service. Changing the world.

TSA’s Objectives

To achieve our mission of empowering Truman Scholars, promoting public service, and changing the world, the TSA will:
●   Cultivate fellowship among Scholars
●   Provide professional development opportunities for Scholars
●   Increase Scholar involvement in the TSA community
●   Highlight the value of public service
●   Increase awareness and prominence of the Truman Scholarship
●   Build and maintain strong financial resources
●   Build and maintain exemplary non-profit Board governance and infrastructure

TSA’s Strategies

To execute TSA’s stated objectives, the TSA will:

●  Collaborate closely with the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

●  Generate outstanding programming
●  Obtain current contact information for Scholars
●  Initiate and facilitate interactions with Scholars and the public via social media
●  Celebrate Scholar achievements
●  Build relationships with previous and potential donors within the TSA community and beyond
●  Actively recruit TSA Board members with a diversity of vital skills
●  Consult with professional advisors regarding best practices

TSA’s 5-Year Goals:

By 2016, the TSA will:
●  Host a National Conference in 2011, 2013, and 2015    
●  Host regional events every year
●  Host at least 2 professional development events
●  Have and maintain current contact information for 75% of Truman Scholars
●  Develop a database to track donor relationships, records, and contacts
●  Triple the number of Truman Scholars donating to TSA
●  Maintain a regular newsletter that highlights Scholar activity
●  Create and maintain an electronic archive of TSA Board records
●  Develop annual budgets
●  Develop a board policies and procedures handbook
●  Maintain regular contact with the Truman Foundation

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