Call for Class and Regional Representatives

The Truman Scholars Association is excited to announce two new volunteer positions within the TSA community: Class Co-Chair and Regional Captain. Both positions are aimed at helping the TSA Board with planning, growth, communications, and development. All members of the TSA community are eligible so please consider volunteering!   

To submit your name for either position, please send your name, year, and selection state to by midnight on Monday, February 6. Please include a short statement (200 words max) to explain why you would be best for the role with ideas for what you would do when serving.  If you are nominating yourself for a regional captain position please include which region you live in, how long you have lived there, and how long you plan to remain in the area (we do not require that you plan to remain there permanently to fill this position).  

Class Co-Chair (two chairs will be chosen from each Truman Class): The role of the Class Chair is to cultivate communication, interest, and support for the TSA. They will serve as the representative from their class to the TSA board.  Responsibilities will primarily be focused on keeping classmates’ contact information current, but may occasionally include assisting with TSA fundraising campaigns to increase giving amongst the class, and promoting TSA events for the class. This is a lifetime appointment, however, should extenuating circumstances arise and you can no longer fulfill your obligation, the TSA may nominate a successor. 

Regional Captains (one captain will be chosen from each region): The role of the Regional Captain is to build excitement, plan events, and assist the TSA in reaching all scholars living within the borders of the region.  They will serve as a regional representative to the TSA Programming Committee.  Responsibilities will include: assisting the Programming Committee in planning regional events, participating in the finalist dinners in your region (when applicable), and promoting TSA events for residents in the region.  Regional events may also be planned outside the direct implementation of the Programming Committee.  Regional events could include two annual service events, dinners, or happy hours. Regional Captains have the opportunity to also form their own committee of volunteers in the region.  This appointment will last until you no longer live in the region, or can no longer fulfill your obligation.  Regional Captains will determine their successors with the input of the TSA board.  The current regions are based on those for which google groups exist at this moment in time –  these are not set in stone and could change based on the locations of members of our community.): Boston; Chicago; Los Angeles; Midwest (e.g., IL, MO, IA, IN, KS); Minnesota (e.g., Twin Cities); New Haven, CT (including the Northeast); New York City; Oxford, England; Pennsylvania; San Francisco/Bay Area; Seattle (including OR); Southeast (e.g., TN, KY, MS, LA, AL, GA, NC, SC, FL); Southwest (e.g., NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, TX); Washington DC (including MD and VA); and Wisconsin.

Please send any questions to TSA’s Programming Committee Chair, Katie Liberman, at
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