Class Notes | February 2012

Wendi Adelson (FL ‘00) has two boys who are now 2.5 (Benjamin) and 16 months (Lincoln Jonah). In August 2011 she started a new job as a clinical professor at Florida State University College of Law where she directs a Medical Legal Partnerhship. Also, she has published a book, This is Our Story, that chronicles the lives of my former clients who are victims of human trafficking. Please send her an email if you’re interested in a copy:

Kristina Fisher (NM ’00) was selected as the 2011 Young Nonprofit Professional of the Year by the New Mexico Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Central New Mexico. The award recognizes young leaders who make a deep impact in the community and in their organization through their nonprofit work.

Johann “Jo” Guzman (FL ‘02), after studying International Security Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, spent the following five years serving on three fast-attack nuclear submarines. During this time he qualified as a Naval Nuclear Engineer and deployed on 6 National Security missions spanning the Arctic Ocean, North Atlantic, Gulf of Guinea, and deep Western Pacific. With an eye towards a more direct impact on defeating violent extremist ideologies, he then served in the U.S. Embassy in Guyana, South America, where he worked to prevent future generations from falling prey to radicalism while countering illicit trafficking. During that time he transitioned into the Information Dominance Warfare community and currently serves in the Horn of Africa as an Operational Intelligence Officer. He adds, “I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible network of talent all over the world…I remain humbled by all of the wonderful things Truman Scholars do around the world, as it will take a whole-of-government approach to win the long war and keep our loved ones safe.”

Lesley Lavery (MT ’04) and her husband, Shaun, welcomed a daughter, Maya in June of 2010. She successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in December 2011 and will begin a tenure-track position in Political Science at Macalester College this fall.

Monisha Merchant (CO ’98) joined the staff of U.S. Senator Michael F. Bennet (D-CO).

Zara Snapp (CO ’05) moved back to Mexico for love and she reports that all is going well. She began working as the international liason for Students for Sensible Drug Policy where she organizes students in nine countries around drug policy reform, at the local, national and international levels, including the United Nations. Making decisions from the heart has had positive results as she both loves her life and her work!

Shawn Vogt Sween (MN ’99) and her family are celebrating the grand opening Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery in Spring Valley, Minnesota. Shawn is the eldest daughter and works nights and weekends at the winery, a fun change of pace from her legal career.  Check it out here:  She adds, “Stop by if you’re in the area or if you have a small airplane, let them know and land at their runway (Caldbeck Field – 7MN3).”

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