From the Executive Secretary

From the Executive Secretary
Frederick G. Slabach (MS ’77)

Congratulations to the Truman Scholars Association (TSA) on the
phenomenally successful inaugural Truman Scholars National Conference in
Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club.

As I said at the conference banquet, “whoever you are and wherever you
are on your path in public service, the Truman Foundation is proud of you. And
I am proud to be a member of your community.”

I am delighted that the Truman Foundation and TSA could jointly sponsor
such an important event. And I am deeply grateful for TSA’s support for the
Foundation’s programming that will benefit future generations of Truman

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation has been building human
capital for social innovation and national service since its inception in 1976
as the federal government’s living memorial to our 33rd president. And TSA has
been broadening and deepening the interconnections among Truman Scholars for
decades. It seems only natural that the two organizations would work in
partnership to further our mutual goals.

I hope the Foundation and TSA will be able to collaborate in many ways
in the future. The TSA Board and the Foundation already are thinking of ways to
capitalize on the tremendous energy created by the National Conference.

  • Several scholars have suggested ideas for future meetings and events
    on a regional and national basis.
  • May of 2010 will be the 20th anniversary of Truman Scholars
    Leadership Week (TSLW) in Missouri, and we have already begun informal
    discussions about a possible Truman Scholar reunion in Independence in
    conjunction with TSLW.
  • Plans are underway for further development of the Truman Scholar
    database so that our alumni can network more easily on their own.

The most enjoyable aspect of the National Conference was meeting and
getting reacquainted with Truman Scholars. As I surveyed the ballroom, meeting
rooms, hallways, and lobby of the National Press Club, I was delighted to see
informal groups of Truman Scholars locked in intense discussions of policy,
career plans, family, friends, and fun.

If you attended the National Conference, thank you. I hope you will
continue to engage with TSA and the Foundation in the months and years ahead.
If you were unable to attend the National Conference, I hope you will look for
other opportunities in the future to participate in this most amazing

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