Truman-tastic Think New Mexico

Cina&KristinaLast year, three of New Mexico’s Truman Scholars worked together at Think New Mexico, a nonpartisan, results-oriented think tank dedicated to improving New Mexico’s quality of life.
Kristina G. Fisher (NM ’01), has worked with Think New Mexico since 2002, and is currently the organization’s Associate Director. In that position, she developed the organization’s Leadership Internship, which is designed to nurture and retain a new generation of potential New Mexico leaders by showing young people how they can make a difference in their home state. Interns meet state policymakers and opinion leaders, and they assist with research on Think New Mexico’s public policy reform initiatives (in the past, the group has successfully won passage of several landmark laws, including one making full-day kindergarten accessible to every child in the state and another repealing New Mexico’s regressive tax on groceries).
In the fall of 2010, both Sarracina (Cina) Littlebird (NM ’08) and Jake Wellman (NM ’11) were selected as Leadership Interns, meaning that for a few months, a full 50% of Think New Mexico’s staff consisted of Truman Scholars!
“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Cina and Jake,” Kristina says. “It was easy to see why they were selected as Truman Scholars, since they were both extremely talented, hard-working, and deeply committed to public service.”
Cina is currently spending a year as a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand, while Jake is now a senior at the University of New Mexico.
Profiles of Kristina, Cina, and Jake are available on Think New Mexico’s website at:
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