Ways to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved
Jeff McLean (WI ’03)

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference was how invigorated
scholars were by seeing the community active again, and the most frequently
asked question was “How can I get involved?” Over the past year, the TSA board
has worked hard to create opportunities for members of our community to stay
connected. Some examples:

Update your information in the
Truman Scholars Directory

The directory ensures the TSA and Foundation have the most up-to-date
and accurate information for each scholar and provides an opportunity to find
other scholars from particular classes, career fields, institutions, and

  1. Go to http://www.truman.gov
  2. Enter your username (an email address) and password
  3. Click on the “For Scholars” tab on the left of the page
  4. Click on “Update My Profile” on the left frame of the page
  5. Click on “Search Scholar Network” on the left frame of the page. In the
    Scholar Network, you can search by Scholar name, year, state, institution,
    degree type, honors, professional/academic field, or current state of residence.

Join the TSA Google Group

This Google Group is the main avenue through which news and discussions
are passed from the TSA. When the TSA board opens the application process for
new board members or seeks committee volunteers, this Google Group is the
primary means of outreach. On this group, you can connect with over 780
scholars, post and receive pertinent news articles, job and fellowship opportunities,
and join ongoing discussions about current topics. http://groups.google.com/group/trumanscholarsassociation

Join a TSA Regional Club

These clubs are the best means for meeting other scholars in your area.
The TSA has groups in all major cities and regional areas to coordinate more
frequent gatherings of scholars through dinner parties, cocktail hours, and
other special events. A complete list of the regional clubs can be found at http://www.trumanscholars.org/keep-in-touch/tsa-regional-clubs

Join TSA on Facebook, LinkedIn,
& Twitter

“Truman Scholars Association”

LinkedIn: “Truman Scholars


Links to all of these opportunities are available at http://www.trumanscholars.org/keep-in-touch

In addition to simply joining our groups, we highly encourage everyone
to take an active role by getting in touch with other scholars or organizing a
dinner, happy hour, service opportunity, or other major event. The strength of
the community rests on the initiative of our scholars. Please start an
initiative near you!

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