To better serve the Truman community, TSA and Friends of the Truman Foundation are happy to announce a more collaborative partnership. TSA will no longer solicit individual donations from Truman Scholars for our programs – including the annual Finalist Dinners and Toast to Truman events – as TSA’s programming is now made possible through an annual sponsorship from the Friends of the Truman Foundation.

TSA is proud to continue working alongside both the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation and Friends of the Truman Foundation in our shared effort to further the living legacy of America’s 33rd president and the national monument to public service. This annual sponsorship will allow TSA to focus on our mission to sustain and empower the Truman Scholars community and to strengthen a commitment to public service in all its forms through intellectual, personal and professional development.

We are grateful for the continued support of the Truman community. Truman Scholars can make tax-deductible gifts to Friends of the Truman Foundation at Those interested in volunteering or with any other questions about this arrangement can feel free to email Thank you!