Gupta Featured in Nashville Scene’s 2011 People Issue

Ravi Gupta (NY ’04), Founding Director of Nashville Prep Charter School, was featured in the Nashville Scene’s 2011 People Issue.


“For Gupta, the thrill of education reform is not unlike the thrill of the campaign. He canvasses North Nashville neighborhoods and strategizes their efforts with the fervor of an activist — one who took Obama’s message to build more and better schools to heart.

“If this were a sporting contest, you’d think that we were losing,” Gupta says of the state of education. Though he chose social entrepreneurialism over law, his background certainly helps.

“Law is about the ability to frame an argument,” he says. “Because at the end of the day, a charter school is really an argument — to the city, to the parents, to the people who fund the school. Right now, our school system is antiquated and based off a lot of old assumptions. Kids used to have to go home and farm, and we’re not doing that as much anymore, especially in urban areas. So we can afford to spend a little longer now and catch our kids up on some key skills.”

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