Keep In Touch

Here are some links to help you keep in touch with Truman Scholars. Note: Some groups require permission to join.

TSA Google Group
Connect with more than 1,100 Truman Scholars through this Google Group. Post and receive pertinent news articles, public service job and fellowship opportunities, and much more.

Truman Scholars Database
Log in (using an email address) on the Harry S. Truman Foundation website to update your contact information and search for Truman Scholars by name, selection year/state, current state of residence, field of interest, and much more. Trouble logging in? Email

TSA LinkedIn Group
Connect with Truman Scholars via LinkedIn.

TSA Twitter Feed
Follow the TSA on Twitter, or see our feed below.

TSA Flickr Photostream
Check out photos from TSA events and upload your own!

Help us find “Lost” Scholars!
Click here for a list of “lost” Scholars (for whom we don’t have current contact info) and help us find them by providing us with their contact info.

TSA Regional Clubs
Connect with Truman Scholars in your area. There are currently 15 regional clubs, and growing!

Interest Groups
From health policy to elections and campaigns, find a group of Trumans interested in the same topics as you.

Truman Scholar Publications
Submit publications authored by Truman Scholars for our online list!

Hudson Union Society (formerly Oxonian Society)
Join Truman Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, and White House Fellows at events in Manhattan hosted by the Hudson Union Society.

TSA Facebook Page
Become a fan and connect with Truman Scholars via Facebook.