Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question covered? Email reunion@trumanscholars.org – we’re here to help!

Q: Can I bring guests?

A: Yes! Several people bring guests (especially spouses) every reunion, especially to the Friday dinner. All guests must have a ticket to participate in any part of the schedule. Please try to buy guest tickets at the same time as you register, so TSA can track whom they are with. When registering guests, please just put your values in the fields for Scholar State and Year. Unfortunately, sponsored ticket requests are only available to Truman Scholars, due to budget limitations and donor restrictions.

Q: Can I bring children?

A: We discourage children and infants. Don’t worry – we love your kids! But, due to issues like alcohol service, lack of child care, and lack of child-friendly programming, we’re worried you and they might not have a good time. If those aren’t an issue, you can bring them as long as they are supervised at all times. Newborns and toddlers are free! All other children require a paid ticket.

Q: I live in DC and just want to sit in for one session that’s relevant to my career. Do I need to buy a ticket?

A: Yes. All guests must have a ticket to participate in any part of the schedule. The Truman Scholars Association is committed to furthering your professional and personal development, but there are capacity limits on our venues, financial limits on our budget, and we need to make sure that people who paid for tickets and food have access. We offer various ticket options for individuals on a budget or those who only want to attend part of the Reunion.

Q: I’m a Truman involved in the Reunion as a volunteer, session participant or Board member. Do I have to buy a ticket?

A: Yes. Our budget unfortunately does not permit us to give free access to that many people. Additionally, we need everyone to register to get an accurate count for food and venues. If you judge that you have legitimate financial limitations preventing you from paying full price, we offer a limited income ticket, a full sponsorship ticket (subject to receiving enough donations), and lower priced Friday- and Saturday-only tickets.