Class Notes (June 2011)


Stephen Honan (VA ’10) was spotted (by Westbrook Murphy) in Annapolis’ The Capitol newspaper. Honan (pictured at right, third from right) was graduated from the United States Naval Academy.

Rachel Ackoff (CA ‘06),
fter four years living and working in
Washington, DC first for the U.S. Student Association
as their Electoral Project Director and then for
the Sierra Club’s Trade and Labor Program, is moving to New York City to pursue a dual degree program in Nonprofit
Management and Jewish Studies at New
York University this fall. She is sad to leave the DC
Trumans behind but looks forward to hanging out with the NYC Trumans.

joewellsJoe Wells (IN ‘03) recently relinquished command of an infantry company that he led
for the last year and half.  This company was responisble for partnering
with Iraqi security forces and local leaders in Muqdadiyah and facilitated safe
and secure elections in the spring of 2010.  In his next assignment, Joe
will serve a two-year tour as an exchange officer with the Royal Netherlands
11th Airmobile Brigade. Pictured is the change of command ceremony.

Eric Greitens (MO ’95), a Navy SEAL who recently authored the book The Heart and the
, was interviewed on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report:

Andy Sears (MO ‘77) joined George K. Baum & Company as Senior Vice President &
General Counsel. For the past 12 years he served as in-house counsel at U.S.


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