Eastis: Seven little-known facts about Harry S. Truman


David M.
Eastis (CA ’83)
, author of 7: The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven, was kind enough to compile seven little-known
facts about President Truman (along with a bonus seven-word quote):

  • Harry
    S. Truman was ranked 7th most popular U.S.
    President in a Wall Street Journal poll
    in 2005.
  • Senator Truman wrote Bess a letter
    in 1937 telling her about driving 70 miles and being so tired that he
    slept from 7 at night until 7 in the morning.
  • The U.S.S. Harry S. Truman
    (CVN-75) was christened on the seventh day of September in 1996.
  • It was on 7 May 1945 that Truman
    made an announcement about the plan of Germany’s surrender.
  • Truman served as President 7 after
    Theodore Roosevelt and 7 prior to Ronald Reagan.
  • Truman gave his seventh State of
    the Union address in 1950.
  • The same year, he ordered the
    Seventh Fleet to Taiwan.
  • 7-word quote from HST:  “America was built on courage, on

David M. Eastis (CA ’83), an
enthusiast and authority on the number 7, is author of
7: The
Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven
, the first-ever
book which explores the magnetism that the vastly popular number 7 has exerted,
from ancient cultures to the present day. For more information visit:

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